Education44: Obama’s Shadow Government Posing as Department of Education — COMMON CORE

Obama has set up a shadow educational governance system. It’s called Education44 –in honor of the Fed-Ed programs of Obama, 44th president of the United States. Shadow governments are creepy. Shadow governments are not elected, so they can’t be un-elected. They aren’t accountable. They aren’t subject to sunshine laws– no transparency. They have nothing […]

via Education44: Obama’s Shadow Government Posing as Department of Education — COMMON CORE


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🇺🇸#MAGA!! St.Amant,Louisiana#Conservative CajunDancingQueen Mom & RN. Time to put #AmericaFirst. Protect the #republic & stop the left from destroying #USA! Doing nothing to save our country, your country, our children's country makes you just as guilty as the ruling elite establishment. To ignore, to intentionally remain uninterested, uninformed & uninvolved, or to excuse yourself from any personal responsibility in protecting our freedoms, liberties and rights that many men have fought & died for would be the exact same thing, with the exact same outcome, as asking for someone to destroy your life, your children's future and our country's. Our country is known as the greatest in the world, the land of the free and home of the brave but this is only because Americans fought hard to get us here and fought just as hard to keep it this way. It's no different today, we all still have an obligation and responsibility as American citizens to uphold our constitution and fight to protect our republic. Our children deserve a future living the American Dream like we've had, right? They deserve & need to see their parents participating in civic duties and fighting for America to remain great & become greater than before. But most important they must never see never see us, their elder and role models, taking this country's freedom and greatness for granted. Read, learn and wake up so you can see what's happening to our country. Indoctrination of our youth is one of the biggest evils we are facing today. Dumbing down all of society is a tactic being used against us, as it is the easiet way to control the masses in order to implement their globalist agenda: Agenda 21, Common Core, MSM propaganda and threatening punishment to anyone not following their rules or agreeing with their agenda, using political correctness as a means to their ends, sabotaging freedom of speech and forcing silence by threatening those who speak up or question our government. Ignorance leads to slavery so if they know they have an ignorant populace, governments no longer need to fear the people and that's when tyranny prevails. Educate yourself and your community; fight for what's right, don't blindly believe what you're being told & always question everything . Make this a top priority! Just as you've made your job a priority, make this a priority because it's just as important if not more. If you fail to do this you are willingly forfeiting your freedom and your rights as defined by our constitution. You will have allowed yourself, your children, and your country to be destroyed by the ruling global elitists planning a one world government takeover. Globalists are only motivated by power and money and how much they can gain for themselves by taking from the people.

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